Shojinmeat Project is an inter-disciplinary collaborative project for development of cultured meat.

It consists of "Clusters", each acting from their fields.  Members can join more than one Clusters.

#This image is a schematic and actual details may differ.


Yuki Hanyu, Ph.D

Born Jan. 1985,  B.S and M.S. in Chemistry, Univ. of Oxford (2006, First class degree)

Tohoku Univ. (2010-2012), Toshiba R&D Center (2012-2014)

  Shojinmeat Project, Representative (2015~)


Born Aug. 1983

 Ph.D in Agricultural Science, Hiroshima University (2012)

 Interested in in-vitro meat production technology as a new alternative solution for the anticipated food crisis.

Also: #Culture medium, #Commercialization

Also: #Bioreactor, #Regen.Med, #Tissue engineering


Moved to brain science after M.Sc in agricultural science to explor the origin of emotions. 

Current interest includes 3D organ culture, 3D bioprinting and visualization of brain processes.

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Also: #Regen.Med., #Commercialization, #Bioreactor

#Culture medium


Born in 1988, Tohoku University, Ph.D in agricultural science (#2017),

Research fellow at Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, 2 publications, 1 patent

Also: #Footprint LCA, #Bioreactor

Gen Urabe

-B.S student at the Department of Biological Science and Technology, Tokyo University of Science-Currently studying control mechanism for substances synthesized within orincorporated into cells

Also: #Bioreactor


​Integriculture Inc.

Founded on 23 Oct., 2015

Reg. Number: 4010001171397

Meiwa-Hongo Bldg. 7F, 4-1-3, Hongo,

Bunkyo-ku, Hongo, 113-0033, Japan


Ryutaro Mori

Born in Aug, 1990 B.A in International Development and Development Economics, UCLA (2013) Promoting the growth of tech startups as a freelance marketer/product manager/ Visiting researcher at the Center for Spatial Information Science, University of Tokyo

Also: #R&D, #Int'l collaboration, #Culture medium, #Bioreactor

Also: #International collaboration

#Science communication

"SCIGRA" Graphics

Launched on Jan. 1st, 2015

Scientific visualization, VR/AR production and science communication consultancy

Also: #Art&Design


Born in 1990, Masters student at the Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment, Univ. of Tokyo, speciality in floating wind turbine technology
Representative of "San-Mon-Kai", a study group originating from U.Tokyo (2012~)


Born in 1993, Waseda University (B.Sci 2015)

2016~ Starts tissue engineering research

Waseda University (M.Sci, #2018 Apr. )

Also: #R&D, #Tissue engineering, #Art&Design

Also: #Commercialization, #Arts&Design


Kei Yamazaki

2011: Graduated from Tokyo University of Fine Arts, Major in Fine Arts, Oil Painting

2013: Master of Fine Art at Tokyo University of the Arts

Koichi Hirahata  MD

Made-in-Clinic Inc.





Organizer of Peter Singer study group at Kyoto University

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Also: #History, #Religions

Also: #History, #Religions


Keiko Oshibe
Vista "Lifestyle"

University of Saga, 

Agricultural science

Also: #Food safety

Also: #R&D, #Tissue engineering

Shojinmeat Scientific Advisory Board

Makoto Matsui, Ph.D
Scientific Advisor

Assistant professor at Tokyo Institutue of Technology, Polymer Chemistry Division

Expert in tissue engineering using collagen fibre and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells

Tadashi Komatsu, Ph.D
Scientific Advisor

Independent expert in agricultural science and data science, big data analysis

Representative, Komatsu Research Office

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